The  Cambridge Humanities Review was established in 2012 as an independent journal of essays, articles and reviews, written by academics, researchers and upcoming writers. It covers the latest in literature, politics, art, current affairs, theology, history, and architecture amongst many other fields. It aims to revive the spirit of the Cambridge Review, a fiercely individual journal with a long and proud history lasting from 1879 to 1998, which included writing by figures including Bertrand Russell, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Simon Schama, and John Rawls. We publish work from across the UK and the US and are open to contributions from writers based anywhere in the world.

Recent contributors, speakers, and interviewees have included literary critics like Sir Christopher Ricks, historians such as Prof. Christine Carpenter, art historians like Sir Charles Saumarez Smith, economists like Prof. Michelle Baddeley, musicologists such as Prof. Laura Tunbridge, and classicists like Prof. Paul Cartledge.